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Studio Makeover/Update

Seriously, I think I have a problem, I may be a hoarder. I mean when it comes to paper and embellishments, I never throw anything away, and I have a ton of things.

In the middle of working on orders I decide it was time to reorganize my studio. I was having trouble finding a home for my new supplies and I needed to find a designated place for my photos and order processing. Not only did I have a tough time finding space for new items, the clutter was starting to get me down. I felt stifled and so uninspired. My assistant and I finished up what we were working on, and we start the de-cluttering process, which literally took all day.

Boy Oh Boy! did I have a bunch of things I don't use, and honestly somethings I wouldn't dare use. I'm big on quality, and some of these things were great when I first started doing this almost 10 years ago, but seriously they have no place in my studio now. So with that in mind, we created three piles, and started working on this disaster.

1. Goes back to studio

2. Donate

3. Trash

Let me tell you my trash pile is HUGE, and my donate pile is a bit smaller, but my space is finally starting to look look like a real studio. There is a place for almost everything, you see Im a bit limited for space, so I have to use the space wisely. I definitely need to think about getting built ins that are floor to ceiling, I think that may be what I need to do

Eventually, I will add some photos, but for now, take my word for it, this place is starting to look like a real work space... The other rooms, not so much, but that is what tomorrow is for.

Goodbye for now, may your day be productive and beautiful..



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