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A Sparkling Journey: My Custom Shoe Creation

Hey shoe lovers! I've got an exciting story to share. A client asked me to jazz up her fuchsia pumps for a big event, with just one request: CRYSTALS. No specific design—she wanted them to shine. When I saw those pumps, I knew exactly what to do.

After weeks of brainstorming, I nailed down the perfect design. Then came the fun part: finding the right crystals and embellishments. With my list in hand, I hit the stores, searching for the perfect sparkle.

Once I had everything, I got to work. It was a labor of love, placing each crystal just right. But seeing those pumps transform into glittering masterpieces made it all worth it.

When I presented the shoes to my client, her eyes sparkled with joy. As she slipped them on, her smile radiated confidence. Witnessing her transformation was pure magic, knowing I had played a part in helping her shine.

Ultimately, it's not just about the shoes—it's about turning dreams into reality, one sparkle at a time. So here's to embracing your unique shine and strutting out in style!

To have a special pair created for your special event, please let us know.




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