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Escort Cards, Place Cards, Seating Charts and what you need to know

What is the difference between escort cards and place cards and what is a seating chart, and do we need to use these items, these are some of the questions we get from our engaged couples. If you have wondered the same thing, I hope that this post will help you understand what these items are and why they are used.

Your wedding day can be made more elegant and organized with the addition of place cards, escort cards and or a seating chart. Whether your reception is sophisticated or traditional, wedding day stationery can ensure that everything is kept orderly and offers a refined first impression when guests enter your celebration space.

So what is the difference between escort cards and place cards and do you need a seating chart and which is the best fit for you? Keep reading to find out.

Place Cards – is a card that is inscribed with a guest’s name and is placed at a specific place setting on each table. You will need one card for every person attending the event, as well as a seating chart. Traditionally place cards were used for a more formal affair, however if you are having a plated meal the place card can also indicate the guest’s meal choice by placing a small icon or letter.

A Seating Chart – is a chart that tells guests what table they are assigned to, once they arrive at the table, their place cards will tell them what seat they are assigned. You will typically place this chart at the entrance of your reception. They can be organized by table or in alphabetical order.

Escort Cards – much like the place card, the escort card is inscribed with a guest’s name and table number but does not assign a specific seat. They are typically set out in alphabetical order in a designated spot at the reception entrance. Guests will find their cards and then take a seat at the assigned table. If your having a plated meal, meal choice icons can be used on the card. You do not need a seating chart if you are using escort cards.

Now that you know the difference between place cards and escort cards, its time to decide which style you want. Let us know when creating your invitation design, if you would like to create your day of stationery, most of our designs are created specifically for you, so most of our place setting cards are customized.

I hope this has answered your questions, let us know if you have any other questions.

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